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#76 2020-01-19 03:33:36

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Re: Report Naruto Online Auto error

i got some problem in my gamebot.. i dont know what happen.. i cant save any new acounts in my group list , like if i gonna put another acount in the list after i exit the gamebot then it again the new acount that i put is not in the list anymore it back to what is in start.. i dont know what happen to my gamebot client.. pls help me need that list for my dummy


#77 2020-02-17 00:18:16

Registered: 2019-08-22
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Re: Report Naruto Online Auto error

you can open the .dat file and enter it manually but in your situation I'd make a copy of the .dat file and install a fresh copy of gamebot then drop the .dat into the fresh install over the existing blank one. That should fix your issue and keep everything you've set thus far.

default Location: C:\Naruto_Auto_Full  File: nrtauto.dat   it contains your gb login, saved accounts, and settings


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