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#1 2017-11-12 07:56:40

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Recharge Tokens for Naruto Auto

Huge discounts for early birds ninjas!

We marked down the auto prices for 50% off for all of you who helped us during the evaluation phase.

We will accept recharge at 12:00 PM Central Time for Oasis Naruto Online Autoplay. This helps us to maintain the operation and development cost.

Thank you all for your support during our evaluation phase. Without your help, we cannot complete such a fantastic autoplay with many features. Remember, we're still actively developing the tool. Many more features will come.

The recharge process can be completed as below:
- Recharge buy purchasing token packages via PayPal at our website:
- In the auto, use the menu 'Buy license - view balance' to carve out block of tokens to buy current license per PC, or per ninja.

You can always try out our trial license for 3 days per ninja. It's completely FREE.

For more information or instructions of how to recharge, see our price list, or just contact us right here on the Fanpage.


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