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Who's behind GameBots?

We're a group of 3 ninjas who gathered at Oasis Naruto US server 388 in 2016. One of us is the top 1 ninja in that server actually. We spent a lot of fun time together on daily basis. Our backgrounds are IT professional and freelancers who love to create applications. We will recruit more developers and debuggers to join our team as we grow.

Based on the idea of using computers to automate things, we created autoplay for online games. Our goal is not to replace a human player. Our goal is to create the tools that help players have more free times from doing repetitive steps every day. The tools are not created to ruin the games. It's created to make the games different.

It takes a lot of time to develop autoplay for games. We spent months of our time to create such a great good for each game, especially for Naruto Online. Our plan is to develop this page to become a big autoplay/bots portal for onlin game, especially MMORPG type. 

With that being said, we eventually need the users support by paying for the tools subscription. That will be our main income source. Rather than that, we are against all kind of game hacks.

With the power of computer, we hope you can make use of our products to have more fun, more time, and new ways to enjoy the games.

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