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Videos Tutorials

From your feedback, we understand the difficulties of efficiently using Naruto Auto for your characters. Based on these needs, we created these videos to introduce the auto and how to use it.

The auto has multiple functions that help you to have more free times. The auto can run in parallel with other applications without occupying keyboard and mouse.

At GameBots, we promote playing game safer and smarter. We do not encourage any kinds of game hacking or similar acts. 

For your safety, ONLY download the auto from this website, DO NOT run the auto from other sources.

Click on these videos to begin:

Introduce Auto Naruto
Register account Auto Bot
Replay script create
Pass Strong Approach Hidan with Naruto Bot
Auto Plunder Setting
Auto Bot Team Instance
Auto Bot Decisive Bonds
Auto Bot Ninja Test 10/10 Accuracy
Auto Bot Scheduler setting
Auto Bot Sage World BattleFields
Auto Bot Sweep Elite, Plot Instance
Auto Bot Survival Trial
Auto Bot Arena Rank

More videos to come...


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