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Common errors and fixes

Helpful utilities

- IE8 for WinXP
- IE9 Win7 32bit
- IE9 Win7 64bit
- Remove Flash Player win 32bit
- Remove Flash Player win 64bit
- Link to download Flash Player for Internet Explorer
- Kill Sality virus
- Remove Adware

1. Cannot open new game window with error 'Unable to cast COM object of type'


Because Internet Explorer (IE) doesn't have the latest Flash Player version:
- Download this setup file: … yer_ax.exe
- Install Flash Player.
- Open the auto again. If Flash Player was installed successfully, game play will start

2. New game window open, but it's blank with white background

The auto's directory has special characters. Rename the folder, or copy it to D:\ drive, it will work.
For example:
D:\Tải về\trò chơi\Naruto_Auto_Full  -> Invalid folder path with special characters
D:\Naruto_Auto_Full  -> Good folder path
- Another cause for this error is cache of flash files. Turn off this feature by:
Control Panel -> Flash Player -> Select Block all sites option... -> Delete All... [Xem hình]

3. Windows 10 only loads 30%.

Remove Internet Explorer 11 from your computer:
How to:
- Click Start menu, select Run, type CMD, hit Enter to open Command Prompt
(View this article to see how to open Command Promt -> here )
- Copy the following command to Command Prompt (Right click to paste), hit ENTER to execute

FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /quiet /norestart

After the command finished, it looks like this -> [View picture]

To remove Internet Explorer on Windows 7, use this link -> How to remove IE 11 on Windows 7

You must restart your computer after removing IE 11.

4. Error message during game play


You may have Flash Player debugger version. It pause the game by showing an exception window (see the picture). As a user, you don't need to have Flash Player debugger version.
You should
- Remove Flash Player debugger version from your PC.
- Install latest Flash Player version for IE.
Please see the instructions at the beginning of this article.

5. Windows 10 cannot open game due to lack of .Net Framework 3.5

You see this error message"
"An app on your PC needs the following Windows feature: NET framework 3.5 (includes 2.0 and 3.0)"
See how to activate .Net Framework 3.5 at this link

6. WinXP cannot open auto

Opening the auto, you see Microsoft .NET Framework error message
Download and install it NetFrame 2.0 for WinXP at this link

7. Cannot open auto, or cannot login due to virus on your computer

Two common virus that causes these issues are Adware and Sality. Use these links to remove them.
- Sality killer
- Adware removal


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