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Do these autoplay come with viruses?

The answer is NO. However, you might see shows there are some viruses/trojan in the auto. These are false alarms.

First of all, autoplay is a special type of application that hooks to a target to control it remotely. In this case, the target is the game process. These mechanisms are similar to how virus works; therefore, those antivirus gives you false alarms.

Second, we protect the auto using special packers to protect it from crackers. These mechanisms, again, are hiding application logic from being analysed by crackers and debuggers. Antivirus does not like this. They can mark us as "Generic Trojan" - unclear, just general some kind of unknown code.

If these well-known antivirus engines gives alerts, such as Symantec, BitDefender, ESET-NOD32, McAfee, you may need to pay attention.

For instance, in this picture, Naruto_Auto.exe version 1.0.0, scanned by, yield 6/55 ratio with trojan. In these 6 lines, the only line you need to pay attention to is ESET-NOD32. However, this engine marks the auto packed by Themida, a well-known packer. Other engines just gives you the warning as "dangerous application". To use the application or not is your decision.


There's another way to justify if an auto has virus or not:
Download the auto, run it within a virtual machine with a test character. If the features are really working as you wish, that's the real auto.

Creating autoplay is an art. It's not as easy as typing this document. We spent months and months to create such autoplay. What we expect is our users to have good times, and we have profit from making such cool applications.


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