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How to use the auto?

Warning: To avoid any possible trojan or virus, please only download the auto from our website, at Do not download from any other websites. We do not have any clones.


Ctrl + Alt + L: Hide/show auto



Scheduled events feature:
Automatically execute the events by the scheduled time you set. If you want to repeat any events, add it multiple times.


To use full auto features, you have 2 methods to buy the license:
- Buy license for single character. Full features can only be used for this character. License can be transferred to another character by every 24 hours.
- Buy computer license. Use the auto with more than 1 characters on a single PC at a time. For instance, you can login 5 or 10 characters on PC1. If you login the auto on PC2, PC1 will be kicked out of the auto.

- Buy license by character: Only used on that character:
+ For instance: You have 2 characters s1.GameBots and s1.LyLy.
You purchased license for s1.GameBots. Those PRO features are only available to this character.
s1.LyLy doesn't have license yet, so this character can only use free features.
- Transfer license to another character: License per character can only be transferred by every 24 hours.
- Ask for trial license: Each character can try the auto for free for 1 to 3 days.
- Buy PC license: Use more than 1 characters on single PC concurrently.



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